Today is Video Games Day!

Today is Video Games Day!

Today is Video Games Day!

Do you consider yourself a ‘gamer’? I myself have lost my touch for playing video games, I started off with my NES playing Super Mario Brothers 3 constantly growing up then upgraded to a playstation where I couldn’t get enough of Crash Bandicoot. Now, my Wii collects dust after countless games of Wii Sports entertained my college roommates and I on the weekends. A survey by Activision reveals that 82% of parents and 75% of children play video games on a regular basis.

31% of people would rather stay at home and play video games on their couch than go to a live event (StubHub)
– 20% of kids play video games before bed (Travelodge)
– 33% of people say playing too many video games and watching too much TV is a relationship deal breaker (Tech Insider)
– 16% of techies would rather play video games than make love (Bondara).

From Atari to Nintendo, Sega, Playstation and Xbox. The gaming world has changed dramatically. So, what happens when you give a kid from today and gaming unit from yesterday. Take a look.


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